Pat, Ann & Megan

Pat, Ann and Megan are the women behind BookEnds, the coolest bookstore in the world. Really. Well, it is at the very least the coolest bookstore in Hawaii and we are after all the most remote islands in the world -- so if you're here, you have to go to BookEnds, and then come visit us at Lanikai Bath and Body of course.

BookEnds is owned by Pat Banning (pictured here) who is a very bookish bookfiend, She loves books, she reads everything, and she knows what all of her customers like.
Mark was looking for more than 20 years for Colin Glencannon books -- books from his childhood memories. His sister Felciity made off with the Glencannon collection, and Mark was bereft until Pat found him some of the Glencannon series.

Now that Lanikai Bath and Body is just down the way from BookEnds, we can visit more often. It is definitely worth it.

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