Pablo's Lanikai Juice

As Father's Day approaches, it makes sense to celebrate fathers who are also our neighbors and friends. One such name is Pablo, the owner of Lanikai Juice.

Long ago -- maybe more than ten years, we worked with Pablo for smoothies, in exchange for helping him shape his image, and bring his brand to life. One of our most proud accomplihsments is the "Fresh. Pure. Hawaiian." which appears on bumper stickers,signs, and t shirts. We came up with that! It was the perfect positioning for Pablo and Lanikai Juice against the frozen berries of mainland competitors just around the corner.

Today , his placeis packed. He is selling plenty of fresh.pure.hawaiian. And everyone loves his place, including Matthew Fox (is that his name) one of the stars from lost who got him on Oprah.

Pablo has two lovely daughters --- so happy father's Day, Pablo! Have a fresh. pure. Hawaiian. father's Day. Love, Lanikai Bath and Body -- now your neighbors!

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