Macadamia Nuts ARE Not Just for Chocolate

The macadamia is the hardest nut in the world!
The macadamia is the hardest nut in the world!
We love macadamias here in Hawaii. Chocolate covered. Brittle. Honey Roasted…  And then there’s Macadamia oil- one of the key ingredients we use in our lotions, washes and butters at Lanikai. It’s all natural. All Hawaiian.  And it’s a  great moisturizer for your skin whether you live here in the islands, live on the west coast, east coast or anywhere else in the world (yes, people from all over shop Lanikai at our Kailua store and on our website).
Macadamia nut oil comes from the pressed nuts of the macadamia tree. It’s one of the best regenerative oils for your skin– high in monounsaturated fatty acids, closely resembling sebum, the oil naturally produced by our own skin to help protect it. It’s an amazing protective oil with a high absorption rate and has been successfully used as a healing oil for scars, sunburns, minor wounds and other skin  irritations.
It contains the highest level of palmitoleic acid of any plant oil (this acid is found in human sebum when we’re young but the level drops dramatically in mature skin.  So macadamia oil helps tone and condition skin- esp dryer, more mature (as in over 40 we are guessing!). The oil also contains omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids for deep moisturizing.
The Benefits of Macadamia Oil:
  • Beneficial for all skin types
  • Tones mature and dry skin
  • Rich in vitamin and nutrients that deeply penetrate the skin.
  • Fatty acids help to maintain the skins critical water barrier functions
  • An excellent protective oil with a high absorption rate that penetrates and hydrates the skin quickl
  • An effective anti-oxidant, protecting the skin as bodily secreted sebum does.
  • Has a high affinity with the oil already naturally produced by the human skin.
Be sure to read the ingredients on any of your health and beauty products. No more chemicals. Just the good stuff from Hawaii!

Coconut Oil

Coconuts are healthy!
Coconuts are healthy!
Coconut oil has been described as “the healthiest oil on earth.” It is extracted from copra (the dried meat, or kernel, of the coconut).  It helps prevent premature aging and wrinkling of your skin, and helps protect against skin cancer and other blemishes by keeping connective tissues strong and supple. Coconut oil’s antioxidants help bring back a youthful appearance to your skin and keeps your skin soft and smooth.The natural ingredients of Lanikai Bath and Body.


Calendula is Marigold!
Lovely sounding Calendula is an ingredient in most all of Lanikai Bath and Body’s products. If you say the word, it rolls off your tongue in a pleasing way. Now say “Marigold.” Because that is what most of us call Calendula.
From botanical.comMarigold is chiefly used as a local remedy. Its action is stimulant and diaphoretic. It is useful in chronic ulcer, varicose veins, etc. Was considered formerly to have much value as an aperient and detergent in visceral obstructions and jaundice. (Does anyone reading this understand these words?)
For our part, we use Calendula’s powers as an astringent, toner and stimulant. In very small amounts, Calendula not only invigorates dry skin, it drys out oily skin. Such is the magic of nature. Calendula is also energizing and activating to the tissue and believed to help increase circulation. Now you know. Next time you are in a field of bright orange flowers that we all take for granted, say to your friend: “Allow me to pick some Calendula.”

Bergamot is a Special Herb

bergamot1Ever wonder what Bergamot is?  It is in the ingredient list for many natural, organic beauty products, so you may want to know what it is and what it contributes to the overall effect.  Bergamot is an American herb that was once widely used by native Americans. It was introduced to the early colonists by the Oswego Indians, and Oswego tea was made by colonists during the time of the Boston Tea Party.   The dark pink, red and purple flowers smell pleasantly of oranges.

Mango Season is Upon Us.

-Mango_flowerOne of our favorite fruits is mango.  Starting around March Our Eyes are on the trees above, looking for the clusters of tiny yellow mango flowers.  Then we start praying that the winds won’t blow them away, and we wait for the mangoes of spring toemerge.Mango has a sweet smell and is deliciously syrupy.
Right about now, the trees are bursting with mango, some of them ready to eat, but most are not.  Before long, Punahou School will put out its cry for mangoes and mango chutney makers, getting ready for the carnival next February.
But we love the smell of Mango, too.  It is in our Mango Coconut floral line and also in our Poi Dog Island Mango Shampoo.