Kamehameha Day

This is a weekend of festivities and parades in Waikiki, beginning today with the world's most beautiful floral parade (at least we think so) the Kamehameha Day parade.

One of the best parts of celebrating Kamehemeha's birth is the decorating of his wonderful statue in front of the courthouse downtown. It is more than magnificent.

We found several great pictures on the web, but unfortunately could not find the photo that was in this morning's Advertiser ... which featured a firefighter leaning in from his crane to touch noses with Kamehemeha and share the breath of life ("ha") with him. Mark did find the one which appears here which is of a firefighter named "Ocean" getting ready to place a lei on the statue.

Kamehemeha the Great, born on the Island of Hawaii, is credited with bringing the Hawaiian Islands together under one rule. He is much revered by the Hawaiians, and the ceremonies surrounding him and the Hawaiian culture are what makes this a wonderful place to live.

If you come to Hawaii, you must go see King Kamehameha's statue, before you drive across the Pali of course, to come to Lanikai Bath and Body!

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