Plumeria Haiku

This is the season of plumeria. Graduation stages and graduated students are festooned with them. The most popular are the "graveyard plumeria" -- the super scentual, deeply yellow and white ones.

Here is my haiku:

Plumeria grows
In the graveyard scented strong
Sweet love left behind.

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Julie said...

I "discovered" plumeria on my first visit to Maui a few years ago, made the mistake of asking the local word carver what the flower was called he gave me some long unintelligible name (I think he was Tongan). People now know if they are going to give me something in a floral scent, it needs to be plumeria.

My fiancee and I are planning on being there next March for our wedding (pray airfare stays in our price range) and if we manage it, I'll definitely come by and see you and do some shopping and perhaps even talk about some wholesaling. I'm trying to start a business in Cali selling Hawaiian items.

Love your informercial/blogs

Julie in Bakersfield CA