Elephants in Kailua

Actually, there aren't any elephants in Kailua, at least as far as we know. This is a picture of Brook and Ian taken a little more than two years ago in Thailand, where they went with Robin and her sister to have a good time and find cool things for Lanikai Bath and Body.

As it turns out, the really cool things for Lanikai Bath and Body are Lanikai Bath and Body products, made right here in Hawaii. Naturally. Our necessary luxuries are paraben free, many of the ingredients are organic,and they feel and smell terrific. (Except for Buddha Surf, which is unzented.)

One of the things about this picture that is like Lanikai Bath and Body is that Brook and Ian are having fun. We have lots of fun at Lanikai Bath and Body and so do our
wonderful customers! Come and visit us. Soon.

P.S. Hawaiian Tap bottles are back in stock -- the 22 ounce variety in red, silver
or blue. The big greens are on their way and should be here soon.

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