May Best Selller = Pikake Lotion

In the same way that Plumeria is the flower for graduations, the oh-so delicate pikake flower is the flower of choice for lei of romance. And with June (the wedding month) upon us, pikake flowers are in much demand.

For the month of May at Lanikai Bath and Body, Pikake Lotion was the most popular seller. So if you're on the mainland, and can't get a Pikake lei, the next best things are our many necessarily luxurious Pikake goodies: 8.5 and 2.2 ounce lotion, 8.5 and 2.2 ounce wash, home mist, liquid hand soap, cold pressed soap and even hand sanitizer.

Lovely Pikake. Princess Kaiulani's favorite. And a favorite of our customers at Lanikai Bath and Body.

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