Right next door to Lanikai Bath and Body is Manuhealii -- a Kailua original, just like Lanikai Bath and Body. Manuhealii creates its own designs, and will even make a matching shirt for your dog.

This is a picture of the "bugs" -- also known as Adam and Doug, co-owners with Dave and Brook of Skipper the Dog. Just like Skipper, Adam and Doug love Lanikai Bath and Body, particularly Pohaku the amazing sandalwood scent for men.

In this picture, Adam, the "bug" on the left, is wearing a Manuhealii shirt. Doug, the "bug" on the right is not. Doug and Adam, or Adam and Doug, are the coolest twins in Kailua. Maybe in Hawaii. Maybe in all the world.

They are both in the Navy reserves, but somehow, they are not reserved -- in fact, they got reservations to go to the Middle East -- something about which I definitely have reservations (of a different kind). Doug is Navy air crew, currently in Qatar for sixty days. Adam is a Navy medic, currently training at Ft. Dix (New Jersey) to go to Iraq in August for nine months.

We would vastly prefer to have them walking on Kailua Beach, as they are doing in this picture. Please send them all of your good thoughts.

(And don't forget about Manuhealii. Or LaniKai Bath and Body, of course!)

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