A Few Couplets in Honor of Mom

Fragrant Frangipangi -- aka Plumeria
Is sure to calm your Mom's hysteria.

Heavenly, luscious Tahitian Gardenia
Can surely address the wrongs between ya

Richly fruity Pineapple Coco
Is just the thing if Mom is loco

Or try our Coco Lime Verbena
If its been long since you have seen her

Perhaps she would like our Orchid Vanilla
Especially if her anger's chillah

Even if your Mom's the best (which no doubt she is)
We have stuff to help her rest.

Products with kukui oil
Guaranteed your Mom to spoil

Aloe Vera, Avocado
Show her that you love her lotto.

Mother's Day with Lanikai
Yes! You really are HER guy. (or girl).

More than 100 lovely, luscious, natural, made-in-Hawaii miraculous gifts for Mom --- in store (or on line) at Lanikai Bath and Body!

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