Hula in Kailua

Another great day in Kailua, and another visitor is working on picking up the hula. Our little Canadian friend would prefer to be a mermaid or a princess, but hula girl will do for now.

Like everyone else, our guests have found that people are a little slower here, they drive a bit slower, let people in in traffic and don't complain too much when there is a traffic jam.

This little hula shot is to remind everybody that on April 27 there will be the 16th annual "I Love Kailua" town party and the presenters have added an "I Love Hula" component which will feature seven Windward Halau. From 11am to 4 p.m. Kailua's streets aand parking lots will be full of celebrants.

We hope to be in our new store by then, but if not, you will find us for that day only in two locations: at Kailua Shopping Center (new home) and 767 Kailua Road (current location). Hope to see you then, and sooner.


fiona said...

what a beauty!

Anonymous said...

Your guests are sad to be back in chilly Canada! Can't wait for our next visit someday. Thanks so much for your hospitality.