Who's Your Mommy?

Who's Your Mommy?
Whether you had a biological mother's love or not, chances are you had mother's love of some kind or another. From a step-mother, an aunt, a grandmother,
a sister -- even a close friend, or some times a stranger. At Lanikai Bath and Body we have had enough of this "who's your Daddy" stuff (at least until Father's Day) and we think its important that we let you know that whoever is YOUR Mommy -- or your many Mommies --- we have just what they want and need for Mother's Day.

Don't forget -- it will be here before you know it, and we can help you celebrate Mom ~ with Tub Teas ~ giant chamomille and lavender relaxation ~ or MeBath ice cream scoop look alike bath "bombs" which will immerse her in the silky soothingness of essential oils. If she didn't get her trip to Hawaii this year, Lanikai Bath and Body tropical lotions, including Plumeria, Pikake, Tahitian Gardenia, Mango Coconut, Pineapple Coconut and Coconut Lime Verbena will take her back. Online or on-earth, these and too many goodies to mention here will help you celebrate your Mother. Come on now, Who's Your Mommy?

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