Empty Shelves

Brook's living room has more than 100 boxes in it. Gloria's living room has dozens of baskets and other display items. Her guest rooms have boxes upon boxes -- more than 50 altogether -- of Lanikai Bath and Body neccessary luxuries.

767 Kailua Road has empty shelves, shelves getting ready to move to their new home at 600 Kailua Road -- in the Kailua Shopping Center, between Morning Brew and Manuhealii: the new (again) Lanikai Bath and Body!

At 600 Kailua Road, painting is done, lighting is in, floor is mostly done -- fresh and clean and awaiting the stuff in Brook's living room, Gloria's living room and guest rooms ... we are working hard to be open again --- meanwhile, you can still order online at www.lanikaibathandbody.com

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