Last Customer at 767 Kailua Road

Monday, April 28: Brook, Sam and Margaret spent the day getting 767 packed up and ready to go. Brook arrived at the store at 5:45 a.m. expecting to see Gloria -- who failed to show for reasons known only to herself. At 7:30 a.m. Brook called Gloria to alert her to the fact that it was time to move out, buy boxes for the move and meet up with Kimo S. to sign the lease and fork over the downpayment for #119 600 Kailua Road, the new home of Lanikai Bath and Body.

Brook met up with Margaret and Sam at the store at 11:00 to start the official pack out. Gloria joined them at 12:30 or thereabouts, and work continued apace until 4:30p.m., interrupted by a trip for more boxes.

Meantime, Doug, Adam, Dave and Amanda made three trips to Brook's living room -- for now the part time home of Lanikai Bath and Body-- there were still at least two giant truck trips left before the store even thoughts about being empty.

Next steps: Dave moves the shelving out of one location and into the other, Mike Fairall's gang lays the floor, air conditioning folks finish up at #119, as do electricians and Kimo N.'s group.

Best moment of the day: Margaret (the ultimate customer service expert) finds exactly the right stuff for our "last customer" (thank you Angela Robison!) at 767 who popped in needing a gift.

Sam made signs announcing our move so passersby could read them, and the day came to a close.

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