Ala Moana Hired MC Escher for its New Addition

The "kiosk" is finally open at Ala Moana Center. If anyone on the mainland is reading this and you come to Hawaii, you can now buy our amazing beautiful stuff on both sides of the island of Oahu, as well as online.

We opened today for our first day of business after a hellish week trying to get the "kiosk" organized and open. In the first place, the firm 3D Creative which is from Atlanta had done for General Growth properties a rendition of our store which involves a Nantucket dollhouse preserved for no apparent reason inside japanese tea house. As one of our friends said, to some people one seacoast is the same as another.

After a mini battle royale and the hard work of the very nice Erlinda Gabriel, we were allowed to dump the dollhouse in favor of a pretty beautiful glass and glass block set up which is sufficiently reminiscent of our store that several people commented on and recognized it. Stil, lacking any supportive publicity from the landlord, a lot of people didn't know that we are the famous and fabulous Lanikai Bath and Body (and 3 years old at that!).

Anyway, there will be more to come about our adventures in the world of gigantor retail, but for now, suffice to say that Lanikai Bath and Body is alive and well on the new third floor off of Nordstrom's women's section and is near Chico's, Ann Taylor and Williams Sonoma.

And in order to fit all of this new development in, Ala Moana is more a product of MC Escher than ever. It is all stairs, long and short stairs, escalators going up and down, small corridors with no way out...

Once again, please spread the word of our arrival on the Honolulu side of the Pali and do come and visit. Brave the new world of Ala Moana cum Escher and ride the escalators in the sky

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