Omigod! The Sixties ARE Back!

Surfing the net to see what's up with Nordstrom, because we're about to be their neighbor at Ala Moana Center, I found, in the women's department, a bunch of clothing under the headline "Behold the Bold"...clothing that looked suspiciously like it came from the 1960's or from an Austin Powers movie. It is pictured here and speaks for itself. boldly.

I was looking around the women's department because that is what will open up on to the area of the mall that our tropical island kiosk will be located on/in/at. We, that is Lanikai Bath and Body, as previously mentioned on this blog, will be located in front of Chico's and nearby will be Williams Sonoma and Ann Taylor. Women of our generation should love this end of the mall, and we will be there to sell them the most wonderful lotions and potions that are made right here in Hawaii (or anywhere in the world, for that matter).

So --whether the sixties is back or not, Nordstrom is finally in Hawaii, and we hope to profit from their being here. Please do come and visit!

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