Not Your Usual Kiosk

Our second day as a "kiosk" at Ala Moana Center and it is clear that everything we thought about how people react to "kiosks" is really true. O say it's not true. But it is! If it looks like a duck ...

That being said we are getting a lot of people who are a) from Kailua and recognize the "kiosk" as Lanikai Bath and Body immediately or b) people who remember reading about it in the paper and recognize it from pictures or c) people who have been intending to visit the store in Kailua but just "never got over the mountain." We
need to get the word out that we are not the usual kiosk, but a small, en plein aire outpost -- a tropical island, as it were, in the middle of concrete giant mall ---and that we offer the most incredible, true-to-Hawaii collections of bath and body available. 5 stars on Yahoo! shopping all the time.

We will be shifting shape over the next few weeks so that we can communicate more thoroughly who we are and how we're different. To all of those people who have refused our offer of a free sample --- big mistake! The lotions we're giving away in 1 ounce bottles are a perfect purse-sized, hand-loving, oooh-aaah-aaah scented treasure.

Lanikai Bath and Body: Now at Ala Moana Center, in Kailua, online and hopefully in your purse, bathroom, kitchen and bedroom. We love our customers...Mahalo for loving us back!

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Anonymous said...

where did you purchase your kiosks? They are really nice