Beautiful Soap

At Lanikai Bath and Body,we have soap galore. We have loofah soap made with natural vine loofah in delicious scents including verbena, coconut and gardenia. We have natural, handmade cold processed Maiden Hawaii soap in ten (or more) amazing scents including Puakenikeni, plumeria and pineapple cooconut.

We have "european soap" -- big bars of verbena and oatmeal, and smaller bars of pure pineapple. We have organza bags filled with oval guest soaps, in lemon or mint.

We have Mud Flap hard body soap for men.

We have work-of-art soaps including a beautiful lotus flower, two different buddhas, Our Lady of Guadalupe and the pinnacle of beauty, Venus de Milo.

It's hard not to stay clean and beautiful if you shop at Lanikai!

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