Flyin Hawaiian

Yesterday, as part of our other business, The Brand Strategy Group, we went to Maui to call on Maui Floral (www.mauifloral.com), clients who grow incredible pin cushion protea, among many beautiful upcountry flowers.

We flew on Hawaiian Air which is increasingly our favorite airline. First of all, the web experience is amazing. Very easy to navigate and book your trip, and to move to partner firms, get your car and so on. Electronic checkin is a breeze, and the lines were moving and short! On board Hawaiian the experience is -- well, Hawaiian. First of all, the flight crew welcomes you in Hawaiian. That is one of our most favorite things.

Now, Hawaiian Air is celebrated for being on time -- kicking its old nickname "Hawaiian Always Late" to the door.

Hawaiian Air lives its brand. That's terrific. We're glad to be among their customers!

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