Aloha is Not Enough

So today we are sending a rosemary eye pillow to UH President David McClain. He is going to need to rest his eyes after reading all the negative press about the administration and its failure to act in a timely way with the "extraordinary performance of June Jones." Not just June, but Dan Morrison, McMackin and all the others. Goners. Thanks, Herman Frazier.

Colt Brennan's warning about soap should have been seen for what it was : a tip-of-the-iceberg "tip" to the administration and especially the AD that it should take some serious steps and clean up its act. Seriously. One of our clients actually volunteered to supply the soap and soap dispensers, but it had hastily been taken care of when he made the call. Did the powers-that-be at Manoa really think that was all there was to it?

So now we have not only lost June Jones, but have further tarnished our reputation as a place that just doesn't measure up when it comes to the big time. Eye Pillows all around. We don't want to see what's coming next.

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