Fantastic Relaxation

At Lanikai Bath and Body, our business is about finding time for yourself and relaxingour beautiful Maiden Hawaii soaps, MEBath ice cem bath bombs, washes and buddle bath allow you to sink into oblivion ... if only for a few moments between work and dinner.

Today we took our desires for relaxation to the mat -- that is to the spa, and spent a day at the Spa at Ihilani... where we had massages, facials and pedicures, a soak in the roman pool, and a relaxing lunch by the pool. All thanks to a wonderful friend of ours whose initials are JS. Thank you JS, many, many times over, for one of the most delightful days we've had in years.

And to Ihilani -- the services , the timing , the place and the people were great.
What a way to spend a special birthday!

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