Whole Foods in Kailua

I forgot to tell you, incase you are planning to move here, that Whole Foods is coming to Kailua. I am not sure when. Within the next couple of years. I am sure they will find us more hospitable than Pier One which is pretty much always empty.

We have some very good stores to shop at here, including grocery stores and especially Foodland, which has the most amazing local tomatoes, and frequently has heirloom tomatoes which are a particular favorite of mine.

But we are, as part of the official Hawaii zeitgeist, a group that responds to the new. Today there was a column in the morning paper about the new Safeway in Kapahulu. Kapahulu is on the other side of the island from Lanikai and Kailua, and the new Safeway is 64,000 square feet. There is even a post office in it.

So maybe after whole foods opens, Safeway will up them once more with a big mainland like store here in Kailua. Luckily, we will still have Lanikai Bath and Body!

The picture of asparagus is from whole foods and says local. Here they will have to get asparagus from Waialua. Good thing they can read this blog and find that out.

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