Stormy Lanikai

You can tell that winter is here because the light has changed, and because it is raining alot. The rains have been winter rains ~ that is harder, longer, louder. No more liquid sunshine for a while. We've even had thunder and lightning which is plenty scary for all the animals since it is so infrequent.

Our good friend Carky Ainlay painted the picture shown here. It is called Stormy Mokuluas. It expresses the feelings of being on that beach during a grey and raining day perfectly. Carky is a realtor, so you can call her if you need a house. Better than that she is a painter (as you can see) and you might need some of her work. Go to www.carkyainlay.com We love her water colors!

P.S. Tomorrow, the hurricane season is officially over --- but as someone on tv said, "did someone tell the hurricanes?"

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