Going to the Dogs

It's pretty wet and soggy here in Kailua, and they say it will be raining most of this week. Which means our dogs will be soggy ~ not just when they go in the ocean or take a dip in the pool, but when they go outdoors to check out the neighborhood.

Just in time for the rain, we have great Soggy Dog towels ~ for large and small dogs.
They're a great complement to our Poi Dog Shampoo and even our fast drying micro fiber doggie towels. The Soggy Dog towels are great for dogs who try to make that fast get away when you want to dry them before they jump on the furniture. You can dry your dog quickly and easily with these super-absorbent, double-stitched pocket towels designed around your dog's body. Two sets of pockets allow you to hold your dog with one hand and clean their paws, noses, bellies and ears with the other.

For quick cleanups, we have doggie towelettes -- made with essential oils, no less.
Those of you with Boxers and Bulldogs will really appreciate these Allure magazine favorites.

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