Our Ingredients Speak for Themselves

At Lanikai Bath and Body, we always say that our ingredients speak for themselves. In the metaphorical sense of the phrase they really do. They are all natural, many and mostly Hawaiian and very, very good for you. We want to tell you a little bit about them. With thanks to 'Afa K. Palu, a microbiologist at Tahitian Noni International, who wrote an article called "ANCIENT POLYNESIANS KNEW SECRETS OF HEALTHY SKIN" in October of 2005 -- coincidentally the very month we opened our store --- we offer the following about coconut and kukui nut oils:

"Polynesian seed oils include coconut oil, which is typically used as base oil, mixed with different varieties of flowers and other seed oils. Additional ingredients such as mohokoi (ylang ylang), tuitui (kukui) and ahi (sandalwood) can be added to the base to create a variety of scented oils. These seed oils contain many skin health benefits, [today being explored] by science, but known to Hawaiian ancestors for over thousands of years.

... Polynesians used coconut oil as an ointment to maintain their smooth and soft skin. Our ancestors also used coconut oil for medical purposes, to relieve stiffness in the joints, rheumatism and back pain, by rubbing a liberal amount coconut oil on the affected area..

Palu wrote in his article that monolauric fatty acid, found in coconut oil, has been shown to protect the skin from bacteria and protozoan infections. We don't claim that for our lotions, but they certainly are soothing... Coconut oil also contains monounsaturated fatty acids, which have been shown to have antioxidant properties with potential benefits against skin aging.

Tuitui (Kukui) nut oil (Aleurites moluccana L.) is derived from the candlenut. [It] has been used for over thousands of years by Polynesians as a moisturizer. Recent scientific studies have verified its effectiveness. Candlenut oil contains essential fatty acids (linoleic and linolenic acids) that are vital to healthy skin. The precious oil from the candlenut also contains vitamins A, E and F ~ good for skin health and for healing wounds."

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Anonymous said...

I am grateful that you quoted my article. Yes, those ingredients are quite healthy and scientific researches have proven them to be just as our ancestors claimed them to be. Our ancestors were smart people and so we must rise to the ocassion and do not let their legacy die.

'Afa Palu