Heal Me!

Summer heat is bearing down, and outdoor play (even grownup outdoor play like gardening) can cause scrapes and bruises. Time for Lanikai Bath and Body Hawaiian Healing Salve.
Lanikai's Hawaiian Healing Salve heals and soothes. It's a rejuvenating balm with beeswax, shea butter, vitamin e and essential oils. Organic sunflower oil, kukui and macadamia oils too. Most importantly, it has the healing root of comfrey.

According to one plant expert, the leaves contain 20% protein and the entire plant is rich in the cell-proliferating compound allantoin. The leaves make excellent food for domestic animals such as rabbits, goats, horses and cows. Humans also derive great benefit from using Comfrey in home medicine. The salve made of the oil infusion of dried Comfrey roots and/or leaves is the fastest and most reliable healing embrocation available to treat injuries to the skin.

We were gardening the other day -- actually clearing out some weeds with prickly thorns that our sons were supposed to clear -- and got a red rash-like coloring on our arms. After a cool shower, I lathered myself in soothing Hawaiian Healing Salve and the itching completely disappeared.

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