Beyond The Body Wrap

This week's NYTimes Sunday Business Section asked "What Makes a Spa Stand Out?" Getting a facial has become, according to the Times, as nearly routine as picking up a nonfat decaf latte, which is nearly as routine as getting a big Mac, which makes going to a Spa = getting a Big Mac.

Oh how the mighty have fallen!

American spas had almost $10 billion revenue last year. It is not, however, highly (to say the least) regulated...so experiences are somewhat uneven (not as consistent as a Big Mac). There is a national Spa Association which says you have to offer two out of three types of treatments to be considered a spa (massage, skin care --facials -- and one other type like body scrubs).

Big tip in the article was to ask for the most popular therapist ~ which usually means that they are probably the best.

My suggestion: Spas would do well to order products from Lanikai Bath and Body! Now that would make a difference.

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