Fantastic Flowers.

We are proud of our "Hawaiian scents" because they are so real, and never have a chemical smell. They're light, so you can wear them all day and anywhere. Our Plumeria brings back the Proustian moment of stepping off the plane in Hawaii, especially in the days before jetways (not so long ago) and the times before fear when locals met friends and family at the planes with plumeria lei draped over their arms.

One of our customers' favorite is Tahitian Gardenia. They grow beautifully here in Hawaii and are Tahiti's national flower. Our Tahitian Gardenia family of products (lotions in 8.5 oz. and 2.2 oz., body wash, body butter, scrub and bathsalts pretty much fly out of the store.

We are reminded of one of our mothers whose habit was to stuff fresh gardenia in her bra every day (in the middle part, of course). People were amazed at how lovely (and fresh) she always smelled. We know our Tahitian Gardenia when someone is wearing it too. It reminds us of her, and it smells lovely (and fresh).

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