Onshore Breezes

It has been hot here in Hawaii, just like everywhere else. Hot for Hawaii at least, with temperatures hovering around 89 and 90 degrees, especially in Kahului and Honolulu, where all the people live. Here in Kailua and Lanikai, it's not quite so hot -- but still unusual for Hawaii.

So the smart thing to do is to head for the beach. It's a miracle what an onshore breeze will do to the heat you are feeling. This past week it has been windy, and there have been lots of visitors walking the beach (summer house renters) and the ocean is dotted with parasailers, a few windsurfers and kayakers.

This week we saw an unusual amount of near-the-shore wave action which made it difficult for the japanese girls who were trying to get ocean bound in their rented kayak. Millions of years ago, we kayaked out to the Mokuluas on a windy day, only to find that our kayak leaked and in relatively big seas we had to swim it back to shore. This is why it was millions of years ago and will never happen again. My heart went out to our japanese visitors, who did not know what they were in for.

But the breezes -- even when the ocean is churning -- are soft and soothing. We named our Lanikai Breeze line after them. Soft and soothing like the breezes.

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