The Magic of Lanikai

Lanikai is magical ... I think we've made that point, and millions of others appreciate it too. One of the great things about Hawaii is that the beaches are protected up to the high water mark for the public, and public access roads to the beach have to be provided in private neighborhoods. So that's good for us, the general public. But one of our friends decided to move out of Lanikai when a stranger came to his house to use the restroom... not a good idea.

To celebrate the Magic of Lanikai, we're having a
real magic show on the lawn in front of Lanikai Bath and Body on June 10. We're officially kicking off summer with a show by our friend and magnificent magician, Dr. Brad Kerwin. Brad is a member of the famous Magic Castle in Hollywood and one of Hawaii's most well known magicians. Kids love him, and so do grown ups. June 10 is also Kailua's Second Sunday Artwalk, so there will be plenty to do in Kailua. If the Magic of Dr. Kerwin isn't enough, we'll have Magic Popcorn and Magic Cotton Candy, too! Beginning at 2:30 p.m., Sunday, June 10 at Lanikai Bath and Body. Be there. Or be elsewhere.

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