Weddings Everywhere!

June is the month for weddings, we all know. Sixty years ago, a young Princess Elizabeth married the Duke of Edinbugh -- not in June, but in November. Still, it's worth mentioning because at Buckingham Palace, from July 28 to September 25th, an exhibition that celebrates their marriage will feature not only her dress but some of her wedding gifts. President Truman gave the couple an engraved Steuben bowl, while the class act of all time, Ghandi, gave them a piece of lace he had woven by hand.

If you're not into weaving lace, and can't afford Steuben crystal, we highly recommend a wedding set of our Naupaka for your favorite couples. For both Kane and Wahine, Naupaka ~ we say ~ is for lovers. The coconut lime verbena scented line is named after the Naupaka, and the myth of Hawaii's legendary lovers that sought to explain the plant's half flower at the beach with its companion growing in the mountains.

It is said that a young princess and her commoner lover were separated forever by her angry father ~ she banished to live in the mountains and he at the sea. On parting, they split a flower, the Naupaka, which has remained a beautiful but lonely symbol of their lost love. At Lanikai Bath and Body, we like to think that our Naupaka scent brings the lovers back together.

A beautiful set of lotion, body butter, body wash, shampoo, body scrub and body salt makes the perfect gift for any newly wedded couple. We offer complimentary gift wrapping to make yours the prettiest gift on the wedding table. Order online at www.lanikaibathandbody.com ,call the store at 808-262-3260, or stop by in person.

We're happy to ship your gift as well.

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