Coconut Combos

The arrival of summer always heralds the arrival of suntan lotions and the amazing smell of coconut. Everyone we know associates the smell of coconut with going to the beach, and most people associate it with Hawaii. We do, too, and that's why we have coconut oil in many of our products, and feature it as a primary scent in three of our favorite combinations. The first is Mango Coconut, which is one of the most popular scents we have. We offer Mango Coconut in lotion, body butter, shampoo, conditioner, salt and body scrub. Another favorite is our Coconut Lime Verbena product, which we call Naupaka. The Naupaka line is as extensive as the Mango Cocount product, and both are appreciated by men and women ~ or as we say in Hawaii~ kane and wahine ~ alike. Naupaka is named for legendary Hawaiian lovers -- but that is a story for another day.

Finally, in our coconut combinations, we have recently introduced Pineapple Coconut as a permanent part of our line. Customers loved it when we sampled it in the fall, and now here it is --- just in time for summer. So if you love Coconut, you'll love our coconut combinations! Hope you visit us soon.

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