Pali Waterfalls

One of the best things about living in Kailua is travelling back to Kailua from Honolulu, driving over the Pali in an amazing tropical rain that clots in the mountains. As you move out of Nuuanu and the rain is coming down in a certain way, you know there will be waterfalls. Everyone has favorite waterfalls of course. Brook's and her twins' favorite waterfall is just outside the second tunnel.

My favorite waterfalls are on the Honolulu side of the tunnel, probably because they mostly happen with this certain kind of rain and then they disappear. These particular waterfalls are long pulls of white taffy cascading down jagged mountains that look higher than they really are. Usually at least three on either side, a total of six, flank the highway. They are just big enough to look impressive, and there are enough of them to know why the mountains are so green.

Hawai`i shows her magnificence in charming and ephemoral ways. Lately we have seen enormous, thick rainbows in rich roygbiv. Living here is so amazing. It's good that things like
rainbows and waterfalls that come and go are here to remind us.

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