My Husband Discovered Pohaku

After owning Lanikai Bath and Body for almost nine years, my husband discovered our product for men called Pohaku ...which means stone in Hawaiian.  (Strong like stone.  Or maybe impenetrable).

Pohaku is an island sandalwood product line, made up of a shampoo, wash, toner and lotion.  Now our bathroom is filled with the scent of sandalwood, and so is my husband.

It's a wonderful scent, one that women love too.  Our Island Sandalwood soap is one of our most popular.

Mark, my husband, complimented his Lanikai Bath and Body Pohaku set with a shave set from recently opened Kailua General Store.  We make the shave soap for Kailua General Store and guess what:  it's sandalwood scented!  Co-owner of Lanikai Bath and Body Brook gave Mark the shave set for Christmas.

Mark loves our products and even our soaps, because both our cold processed and our glycerin soaps are handmade and contain no detergents.  He has had skin issues with commercial soap since he was a kid because of the detergent and chemicals in them.  Not so with Lanikai Bath and Body's soaps.

We'd love it if you would try our Pohaku line ... give it to your favorite guy on Valentine's Day.  You can order it online at www.lanikaibathandbody.com.

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