Lanikai Juice Making More Room

If you are visiting Kailua, one of the things you might notice is that there is a line out the door at Lanikai Juice.

One of the most popular places in our town, Lanikai Juice is the fresh fruit alternative to mainland staple Jamba Juice.  When Lanikai Juice was in its infancy, Brook and Gloria (co-owners of Lanikai Bath and Body) were branding consultants and we're proud to say we helped them build their brand and especially their theme line:  fresh. pure. hawaiian.  You may have seen it on t-shirts and hats, and it definitely captures Lanikai Juice.

This year, Lanikai Juice is taking over the space occupied by Subway (if you know Kailua Shopping Center) and Subway has moved down the row a bit.  Soon, Lanikai Juice will have a much bigger store, and we probably will no longer see lines out the door.

The windows are "blacked out" by brown paper, and we're all interested to see what the new Lanikai Juice will bring to our little shopping center.  More delicious smoothies.  More healthful cookies and breads.  More acai bowls.  And...?

When you visit Kailua, be sure to stop by Lanikai Juice.  Oh yes -- and please stop by Lanikai Bath and Body, just down the way.

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