Pikake: A Princess' Favorite

Hawai`i's Pikake flower is part of the jasmine family, and was a favorite of Hawai`i's Princess Kaiulani.  She lived at the estate called Aina Hau, grew jasmine and watched with delight the many peacocks that traversed her lawns.  Thus, the name Pikake for the delicate flower that would become a princess' favorite, and the special favorite of women throughout the Hawaiian Islands.  Imagine getting a ten strand Pikake Lei...someone really loves you!

Our Pikake fragrance is a class combination of jasmine, ylang lang, frangiani & tuberose.   The strong jasmine character lingers longest, backed by the sweetest of musks.

Pikake comes in lotion, wash and wonderful solid perfume.  Order online at www.lanikaibathandbody.com.

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