Oh Those Tahitian Beauties

The delicate gardenia is a favorite flower among women everywhere.  Capturing its perfect fragrance so it can be shared year round is a feat accomplished by Lanikai Bath and Body.

There are many kinds of gardenia:  ours is made to honor the Tahitian Gardenia and the Tahitian beauties who tuck them behind their ears.  As with all of our fragrances, Tahitian Gardenia has been tested until the scent is magically perfect, bringing you fragrant gardenia throughout the year.

Tahitian Gardenia (or Tiare, in Tahiti) is a wonderful fragrance complimented by a velvety sandalwood and musk base note (we use this in many of our fragrances).  Gardenia is enhanced with a spicy floral accord and rich tropical jasmine.  The mix of these beautiful scents is pure Tahitian Gardenia fragrance by Lanikai Bath and Body.

Choose from lotions, butters, washes, scrubs and bath salts.  And enjoy Gardenia year 'round!
order online at www.lanikaibathandbody.com.

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