Summer's Here

Summer is here, everywhere in the northern hemisphere, and near the equator where we are it is just hotter than usual. In early June we had several record breaking days-- still, they were only in the low 90s or high 80s...none of this more-than-100 degree stuff we'll see on the mainland and elsewhere this summer.

Our famous tradewinds, which have been noticeably absent, are back -- and we're told maybe for a while. Which is great. It means no vog (volcanic smog) on Oahu, and lovely beach days for all of us, including visitors.

In the meantime, though big traditional gardenia are reaching the end of their season, we still have tahitian gardenia and beautiful pinwheel gardenia like the ones shown here in our backyard.

At Lanikai Bath and Body, our scents are all true to Hawaii. The lotions are light
fresh and soothing. All good for a sunburn anywhere -- or just to love your skin in summertime.

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