Lanikai Helps Save 4th of July Fireworks

A 60 year tradition in Kailua almost fell by the wayside, when the usual group of suspects declined to support the annual fireworks display off the beach on the 4th.

An alert reader of our website Best of Kailua informed us that the fireworks had been cancelled and should be removed from our web calendar. Instead of removing it, Brook swung into action with some friends, creating http://www.savekailuafireworks.com/ and wresting the somnulent out of their slumber ... money began pouring in and the fireworks is 90% close to being saved.

So plan on grabbing a square foot of beach on the 4th of July. Kailua -- Hawai`i's favorite small town -- will have its magnificent fireworks display once again.

P.S. while you're surfing the net, check out http://www.bestofkailua.com/

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