Our Ingredients Speak for Themselves

Kukui Oil is one of the most important ingredients in our made-by-hand-in-Maui natural product lines. The Hawaiians discovered long ago that the oil from the kukui nut made skin soft and supple, and could also be lit to light the way on a dark night.

The foliage of the Kukui Tree is silver-grey, and looks somewhat powdery. It is the lightest "green" of the multitudes of green in Hawaii, and so the tree is easily spotted. Before the nuts, small white colored flowers bloom.

Most everyone associates Kukui with lei that are made with ribbons and nuts polished to a dark brown shine. But its softening effects are what is important to us at Lanikai Bath and Body, and it helps to make our lotions smooth and silky.

In 1959 the Kukui nut tree became the official state tree of Hawaii. It's classified name is aleurites moluccana. Since scientists have found traces of Kukui pollen in ancient geological deposits, it is assumed by many that the Kukui nut tree is native to Hawaii.

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