Hawaii Boy Is President-Elect!

The whole world knows this by now, but we just had to say it! Barack Hussein Obama was born in Hawaii, went to Noelani Elementary School in Manoa, and to Punahou School in Makiki. And if you've read this blog you know I "taught" him in 5th grade.

The world knows Barack as an African American but here in Hawaii we know he is hapa haole, or half white. Practically everyone here has mixed race members in their family, and no one spends too much time thinking about it.

We do acknowledge that this is a historic moment for African Americans and people of color everywhere. We are so proud of President Elect Obama!

The picture here shows hula dancers from Obama City Japan (Obama means "little beach"
in Japanese). According to reports from Japan "Yes We Can Obama!" was shouted by Japanese men and women in hula-dance costumes on national television. They’re members of possibly the most ardent of Barack Obama supporters in Japan, a small fishing town in western Japan with a population of 32,000 which shares the same name as the new president-elect.

After Obama’s election victory, it seemed like every Japanese television network descended on the town of Obama to capture the jubilation of residents celebrating with their Hawaiian-themed dancing and singing (a tribute to Obama’s birthplace) and hoping that their tie to the ever-popular next president of the United States will boost local business and tourism."

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