Shane Spins Like A Politician

Okay -- so now the Phillies have one and the Rays have one and they are on their
way back to Philadelphia for a game tomorrow.

Yesterday's game at Tampa Bay wasn't exactly a debacle for the Phillies but it sure wasn't as close as the 4-2 score that ended it at the top of the ninth indicated.

Nonetheless, Shane managed to throw a positive spin on it in this morning's New York Times, even alluding to two guys who were out at home -- saying that if they had scored, the Phillies might have won. Shane said the Phillie's goal was to split the Tampa games 1-1 and they accomplised that. See what I mean about the politician-like spin?

So the only connection here to Lanikai Bath and Body here is that Shane is from
Maui and so are our products, and everyone who slid into the bases yesterday could use our Hawaiian Healing Salve. It's awesome!

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