HawaiianTel Directory Assistance

Big surprise HawaiianTelCom or however they spell their name lost so much money and is fast losing customers. Last night in a desperate attempt to avoid getting out of my chair to find the phone book, I called directory assistance to find out the number of the Enchanted Lake Safeway, which is in Kailua, but is not the Kailua Safeway. The very nice gentleman with an Indian accent was unable to find anything in Kailua but what we call the "Big Safeway."

This has happened before to me with HawaiianTel directory assistance, and it seems like they must have given their outsourced cohort a directory of most-called numbers as opposed to an actual directory of numbers.

Don't get me wrong. I love the guys who answer the phone and put Americans out of business. I just can't stand the companies who do it, especially when they make their alleged comeback on the back of being local in Hawaii.

They're not, but Lanikai Bath and Body is. Sorry about the rant. I will try to keep them to a minimum!

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