We are Two Weeks Old

In our new location! Everybody loves the new Lanikai Bath and Body, us most of all.

We are settling into the niche between Manuhealii and Morning Brew, and new people find us every day.

Because we have more space, our products have lots of room to breathe, and our beautiful aromatherapy line is getting the appreciative selection it has long deserved.

Our new line of Hawaiian Tap (bottle your own!) water bottles has been really well received. One customer bought 13 of the 22 ounce version on Sunday, and we have a waiting list of 15+ for the big green originals that we'll have back in stock in the beginning of June.

We also have in more palm wax candles, including the all new, amazingly scented
Bamboo Forest.

Please visit us soon -- and if you're not in town, go to www.lanikaibathandbody.com

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