This is What You See

When you are lying on a bench outside the Windward YMCA while you are waiting for your son to pick you up after swimming.

On this particular day, the skies in Hawaii were full of vog (volcanic fog) which had settled in owing to the lack of tradewinds. Except that it was strangely warm and differently humid, I imagined it to be the visual equivalent of a nuclear winter. I actually felt like I should duck into a bomb shelter, if I could find one.

Even though no one could see the mountains, or get a clear view of the ocean from the mountains, it was still a beautiful Hawaii day. The pool at the "Y" was a perfect 84 degrees and just being in the water was a relief from the weird atmospherics.

The trades came back and the beautiful mountains reappeared -- but according to the weather men and women, the vog will settle in again tomorrow. We are using airconditioning for the first time in a long time.

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