Go Warriors!

For everyone here in Hawaii, it is not only New Year's Eve, but it is the eve of the Sugar Bowl ~ the biggest sporting event in the history of Hawaii, even though it is held in New Orleans. Our University's football team, the Warriors, are in their first BCS Bowl ever, and they are playing a tough team ~ No. 4, Georgia. The Bulldogs, I believe.

Everywhere in town the Warriors green "H" -- looking both tribal and pinking-sheared -- is posted. At the entrance to Kailua, on Kaneohe Ranch's lawn, it is posted with Go Warriors! and lights up at night.

Just saw an ESPN crawl that says that 70% of America (polled on the net, I guess) calls Georgia the winner. Out here, we are certainly part of the 30% that knows Hawaii will prevail.

When 2008 dawns, it will be a new day for Hawaii. Thanks to Coach June Jones, Quarterback Colt Brennan (and backup quaterback Tyler Graunke), Jason Rivers, Davone Bess and all the others for a great and inspiring year for all of us!

Go Warriors!

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