Children ARE the Heart of the Holidays

If you are anything like me, you're sitting around thinking that maybe Nostradamus was right, and that things aren't about to improve in the coming year ...

Even though we had a great Christmas with our Canadian and Hawaii grandchildren, who filled our house with joyful noises, hopping in and out of the pool with little concern for blue lips and shivers. Well -- that was the Canadians. The Hawaii foursome put a toe in th water, informed me that it was too cold and went inside to decorate gingerbread men.

Here in Hawaii we suffer with a typical Hawaiian winter -- the temperature is in the low 70s and really cold at night (mid 60s sometimes!), the skies are often grey and the ocean is definitely warmer than the backyard pool. We shudder to think we could be on the mainland, where snow drifts are higher than the houses -- but still, we miss the sun and are grateful when it peaks out from behind the clouds.

Now the kids are gone and the house is remarkably quiet. The stress of the holidays -- and indeed they are stressful -- is behind us. Looming ahead are the stresses of the New Year. Thank heavens for holidays with children (and of course for the wonderful, relaxing products of Lanikai Bath and Body!

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