Who Doesn't Love A HandTurkey?

It's 2nd Sunday in Kailua, and Thanksgiving is 12 days away. So it is a perfect time to participate in the 2nd Sunday Artwalk with Lanikai Bath and Body's "You're the Aritst" contest.

We are asking people to draw hand turkeys, and bring them into us for 25% off on any purchase that day (tomorrow, September 11). We wrote about it in our e-letter but
unless any one in the media picks up this super exciting item, we will have precious few hand turkeys to display in our store for the next week and a half.

P.S. The Hand Turkey featured here is an actualy drawing by a mathematician in honor of Alan Turing (or in this case Alan Turking) the father of modern computing.

P.P.S. The altogether fabulous Lanikai Bath and Body Women's Night Doubles kicked off officially today with a Head tennis clinic at the Kailua Racquet Club. Beginning on Wednesday, the best female player in the state will be on the courts. It's free to the public -- come and see it!

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