All Around the Island

Our friends Judy and Mary are here from the mainland so we are taking a bit of time off to see the island through their eyes. Wednesday, we drove around the island and had lunch at Kua Aina, swam in Waimea Bay and doubled-back to eat Matsumoto's world famous shave ice. Brook had a "Hawaiian" and Judy had the offical "Matsumoto's" -- Mary and I were boring, and had strawberry. The drive around the island was amazing as always. Among other things we were looking for the cast of Lost which allegedly has a headquarters somewhere near Haleiwa. We later heard from one of the cognoscenti that they had been filming in public places on Honolulu side last week but were now sequestered in the mountains around Hawleiwa. It was Judy's dream to run on the set and yell "You're in Hawaii! Aloha." thus ending the series.

For those who are concerned about Evangeline Lily's burnt down house, I am here to tell you that she is renting elsewhere and the former or new owners have built a very nice house in its place.

Ahui Hou! Come visit us in Hawaii!

P.S. in case you didn't know, that's not us jumping from the rock.

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