Getting Ready for the Holidays

Here at Lanikai Bath and Body, like every other retail store, we are getting ready for the holidays. That is to say, in a non-politcally correct way, we are getting ready for Christmas. Our beautiful lines are getting replenished. Today we sold the last Lanikai Poi Dog on the shelf, and someone came in wanting another one! Alas...but we will be restocked in the morning.

Dozens of microfiber towels came in, and also microfiber hair towels ... particularly popular with wahine with long hair.

The coolest things that have come in so far are the awesome, beautifully scented and wonderfully handcrafted bath "ice creams" from MeBath. We have scents ranging from tuberose to pomegranate to lavender to kiwi-strawberry and ripe mango. Many others too. More than I can count. These luscious lovelies will be store bound tomorrow, along with all of our other necessary luxuries. Don't miss shopping at Lanikai Bath and Body this "holiday season!"

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