Noni is No Ka Oi

Noni is a popular plant used for healing in many of our Lanikai Bath and Body products. Noni's scientific name is Morinda Citrifolia, and its common name is Indian Mulberry.

According to our friend La'akea Kamauoha, who is a partner in the Hawaii Seal of Quality program and grows Hawaiian Noni on his Kamauoha Farms, Noni has been reported to aid in supporting the immune system and strengthening the body’s natural ability to fight disease and infection. Noni contains over 140 phytonutrients, selenium (a powerful antioxidant) and other naturally occurring beneficial compounds. All of La'akea's Noni is collected from trees grown in Hawaii’s rich volcanic soil and pristine environment producing some of the most potent Noni on earth.

You will find healing Hawaiian Noni, along with Papaya, Macadmamia Nut and Kukui Oils in the all natural lotions, washes and butters of Lanikai Bath and Body. We hope you love them as much as we do!

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